Yoga this Week – June 18, 2017

Happy Father’s Day!  Hope you have enjoyed this beautiful day honoring the fathers who have graced your life with their love, wisdom and support!

Patanjali – The Father of Modern Yoga

Yoga this Week

Monday Maryhaven Yoga 515pm at Cedar Beach

Tuesday Morning 930am with Meditation

Wednesday Evening Yoga on the Beach 715pm

Thursday Morning 1199 Riverhead 11am

Friday Morning Healing Yoga at 930am

(Please reserve your spot or cancel if your plans have changed)


For all information regarding Beach Yoga click HERE

Keep your eye out for the North Shore Public Library July & August Newsletter in the mail, I will be leading a Summer Yoga Immerson in August which will be a mini-retreat right at your own local library!

One thought on “Yoga this Week – June 18, 2017”

  1. Wasn’t sure if I sent my response to the correct email. looking forward to beach yoga on Wednesday. Carol S.

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