Winter Solstice Full to Capacity!

Greetings dear ones,

Our Winter Solstice Gathering is full to capacity.  I am overjoyed at the response to our 10th Annual Celebration of darkness and light.  If you have rsvp’d, please let me know if your plans have changed.  If you have not reserved a spot and would still like to come, contact me to  get your name on the wait list.

With all the germs circulating around at this time, if you are feeling under the weather, I thank you in advance for  staying at home and taking care of yourself (and others).

If you are coming,  bring your best intentions and dress festively, sparkly, and bright!  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.  See you tomorrow at 7pm.



3 thoughts on “Winter Solstice Full to Capacity!”

  1. Dear Amy,

    I’m not sure I’m on the list, but I do have a lingering cough and would not be attending. That’s very wise of you to put that in your notice. I’ll be on my mat this evening, lighting candles, offering my gratitude for the many blessings and lessons of this season. I do hope to attend more classes and events in the coming year. I wish you and your brood a Merry Christmas and

    a peaceful solstice.

    Love and peace, Jane


  2. Good morning Amy! I woke up this morning with an awful sinus headache. I will not be attending practice this morning. I hope last night was peaceful and Merry! Namaste Lisa Sent from my iPhone


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