Yoga this Week – November 4, 2018

“In our yearning for enlightenment  we might hope that it’s a state of unfluctuating perfection that solves the problem of the constant change that roils our lives. But if we see what we’re doing as Awakening something that unfolds over a lifetime, we understand that each of us is somewhere in the middle of a long walk through varied terrain. Then our task is to stay alive to the changes of that terrain and to trust the path as it appears before us rather than try to impose our map on it.”  Joan Sutherland

How many times do we try to control our lives so that it is what we perceive as perfect.  Life isn’t supposed to be a perfect flow of everything going miraculously smooth, void of bumps, turns and falls.  Life if full of both perfect and imperfect moments,  We are here to navigate the best we can each day, each moment, staying as awake and alive as we can.  We are “somewhere in the middle of a long walk” so let’s try to enjoy the beautiful, sometimes challenging landscape of our lives.

Yoga this Week

Tuesday Morning Yoga 930am with Meditation

Wednesday Morning NSPL in Shoreham 1030am

Wednesday Evening Yoga 715pm with Meditation

Friday Morning Gentle Healing Yoga 930am with Meditation

Events & Workshops

Private Sessions of Reiki, Restorative, Oils and Oracle Card Readings are always available if you or anyone you know is in need of special healing.  Days and times vary according to both our schedules.    Click Here for more Info

Synergy Healing Session – FULL TO CAPACITY – Next Session coming in Mid-January 2019

Tuesday Evening November 6, 2018 – 7 to 9pm

Combining Restorative Yoga, Reiki & Acupuncture with Essential Oils

Asperger’s Syndrome & High Functioning Autism Family Support Group

Thursday, November 15th at 630pm

Meetings are held at the North Shore Youth Council located on the grounds of the Rocky Point Intermediate school JAE.  Click here for details AHA Support GroupsThursday,

Reiki Healing Circle

November 29th – 7 TO 830PM

Join us for a beautiful evening of healing and sharing energy. All are welcome whether you are new to Reiki, a Reiki practitioner, or just curious to know what it’s all about. Reiki is an ancient healing modality and is non-invasive. The healing energy is channeled through the hands of the practitioner to the receiver. Reiki calms the nervous system, releases muscle tension and emotional imbalances. Reiki enhances the body’s own capacity for healing love and light. Contact me for location details if you have never been to my space. Suggested donation $10 per person. If possible bring something to be donated to our local food pantry.

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