Yoga this Week – February 10, 2019

*Check out the new monthly Sangha & Soup Gathering below*

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Greetings Dearest Yoga Students,

Nourishment is so vital to our health and overall well being. Nourishment comes in many forms.   We need healthy, well balanced food to keep our physical body optimal,  good conversation  to feed our souls, community gatherings and celebrations to lift our spirits and thought provoking teachings to stimulate our minds.  I can’t express in words how our intimate yoga community nourishes me on so many levels.  Last nights drum circle was so extremely uplifting, creating connections with new friends and re-kindling and affirming long time relations.  Connection is so important to living a purpose filled, blessed life.  I hope all of you know you are a vital part of this community and it would not exist if you didn’t show up, whether you come week after week or show up for special events.    In the words of Jack Licitra, “You Are Awesome” and together WE are awesome too!

Yoga this Week

Monday Maryhaven Yoga 515 Port Jefferson

Tuesday Morning 930am Yoga with Meditation to follow class

Wednesday Evening 715 pm Yoga

Friday Morning Healing Yoga 930am

(Please reserve your spot or cancel if your plans have changed)

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Events & Workshops

Sangha & Soup

March 6th 12 to 1:15pm

Come and share in a gathering of like minded souls as we nourish body, mind and spirit.  This month we will focus on the spiritual teachings based on Cultivating Kindness. (Please feel free to bring any insights, passages, quotes you feel inspired to).  We will have a discussion and meditation followed by a sharing of vegetarian soup and conversation.  Advance registration required.  Suggested Donation $10. It is my hope that this gathering aides in supporting each other on our spiritual path as well as deepening our connection to our community.

Reiki Healing Circle Tuesday March 12th at 7pm

Equinox Goddess Yoga Retreat now taking deposits Click HERE for details

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  1. Good morning amy!

    I hope you enjoyed your weekend with the girls! Is it possible to switch me from wed night to tues a.m? Thanks, lisa

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