Yoga this Week -July 5, 2020



Nirvana is a Sanskrit word that means freedom, or liberation. Inner liberation. It means that your heart is no longer bound by the uncontrolled,  dissatisfied mind, and not tied to attachment.  Freedom begins inside and radiates out.  When the body is tied up in knots we feel stuck, depressed or in pain.  Yoga, in all its forms, is there to free us from these knots that bind; in body, mind and heart so we can live and experience our lives in the now.  We can fall into grace only when we have the courage to drop our narrative, drop our excuses and drop the heaviness that holds us back from living each moment in freedom!

Yoga this Week

930am Tuesday Morning Yoga in the Yard & on Zoom at.  Click below to register for Zoom before 8am morning of class Tuesday ZOOM Live Stream

930am Wednesday Morning Meditation on ZOOM thru the NSPL and MMS Libraries Click HERE

7pm Wednesday Evening Beach Yoga in Rocky Point Click HERE

930am Friday Morning Healing Yoga in the Yard

 Please sign up for in person classes by email or text/Sign up for ZOOM Class using the link

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Hope to see you all soon!


Happy Independence Day!




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