Once Again…Beach Yoga moved to Thursday Night July 9th!

 Que Sera, Sera…Whatever will be will be!

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Due to incoming thundershowers, our Beach Yoga Class is moved to Tomorrow night which is supposed to be nice and sunny!!  Tis the time of year.  Thanks for your understanding.  As much as I wish I can, I can’t control the weather.

See you tomorrow night!



5 thoughts on “Once Again…Beach Yoga moved to Thursday Night July 9th!”

  1. It’s not your fault Amy!! Ugh Weather! I am gonna be in Nassau and not sure if I will be back and dont want to not give you a defo answer. So I will see you next Weds or Thursday. Have a wonderful class!Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

    1. Ok carol. If you end up getting home just come on down there’s not as many people signed up for this week anyway but if I don’t see you I’ll see you next week. Have a good one

  2. Amy. Instead of writing late, letting you know I will not make fridays class. I will be away with my mom. I believe the next class I can make is tuesday, july 21st. Will that be ok?


  3. Hi Amy,

    It’s Jodi Tomlinson. I have one or two passes left I think. Do you have any availability next week for beach yoga or Fri a.m. on the lawn?

    Thanks for your time and patience.

    FYI- I’m part of your Facebook group now under my own account- Jodi Hussey. I was under my husband’s JC Tomlinson.

    Have a great night!


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