Well…another iffy Friday

Someone told me long ago there’s a calm before the storm……. Who’ll Stop The Rain???

Good morning beautiful yoga students,

Hope you faired well during the hurricane winds on Tuesday.

I’m I’m sitting out in the yard right now and it’s beautiful if anybody wants to take a chance and come on out I’d be willing to practice with you out on the yard. I have no internet service so it’s impossible for me to stream the class. I’m using my mobile data right now to email.

Let me know if anybody wants to come take a chance if not I totally understand and I will see you next week

Enjoy today if i dont see you







3 thoughts on “Well…another iffy Friday”

  1. I’m going to stay home, Amy. Thank you for trying! Have a great weekend. Namaste, Lisa

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  2. Hi! Greetings from NJ. I meant to tell you I wouldn’t be at class this morning. I came back for a hair appointment (cut it short), and I think I’m going to stay here until power comes back at my house in Shoreham. I can’t imagine what my fridge will be like when I return! So many people without power!

    Did you hold class today, or did it rain out there?

    Please stay safe – this too shall pass. xoxo

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