Yoga this Week – August 30, 2020

“Yoga is a balancing factor, a substratum across all of your life, so you do not get shifted in one direction or another. It gives you freshness, gives you light, recharges your batteries. You become a stable person. You realize what balance is, what sukha is, what contentment is, what joy is.”
~ Birjoo Mehta

Hoping to see you all in class this week so together we can recharge, re-balance and stabilize to experience yoga’s true gifts;  sukha (sweetness), contentment and joy!!!

Yoga this WeekNo photo description available.

10am Monday Morning Meditation through MMS Library.  Click Meditation to join!

930am Tuesday Morning Yoga in the Yard or to stream click Tuesday Zoom

645pm Wednesday Evening Beach Yoga in Rocky Point.  Click HERE

930am Friday Morning Healing Yoga in the Yard (Link will post for Zoom if it rains Friday)

Saturday 12-4pm is our First Yoga and Kayaking Half-Day Adventure!  If you signed up, you should’ve received and email with details!!

Please sign up for in person classes by email or text/Sign up for ZOOM Class using the link


The September 5th Yoga and Kayaking Half-Day Adventure is Full to Capacity at this time!  There is still a spot or two for the September 20th trip, if you’re interested, let me know.  If you are interested in renting, you must call/text Kevin at Paumanoktours at 631-404-6447 to reserve.  He will bring them right to the launch site!

This Thursday I am organizing a Beach Hike at Smith’s Point.  We will meet between 8 and 815am at the West end of the parking lot.  The hike is about 45 minutes each way.  Once we get to the beautiful breach in the beach which is located to the west, we will stop and do a simple asana class before we hike back!  Text or email me if you would like to join me!  It’s worth getting up that early, trust me!

One thought on “Yoga this Week – August 30, 2020”

  1. Hi, Amy. Just picked Fred up from the hospital and he did well with his procedure. I look forward to seeing you on Friday.


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