Yoga this Week – February 28, 2021

Please note:  From time to time the link to the classes are updated so be sure to use the links either from the weekly email or on my website at Link to Zoom Classes

“Trust only movement. Life happens at the level of events, not of words. Trust movement”

Alfred Adler

Svadhishthana (sva = vital force; adishthana = seat)

Element: Water   Color: Orange  Mantra: VAM

Hari Om Dear Yoga Students,

This week we will explore the Svadhishthana Chakra, also known as the Sacral Chakra which is all about relationship. If our sacral chakra is balanced we can trust, feel free and allow ourselves to be deeply connected, in a healthy way without attachment,  to people, places and things in our life. It is the seat of creativity, procreation and sexual energy. Its element is water which when allowed to flow freely, no forcing and no holding back, guides us down the river of our life. All of life is movement; relationships ebb and flow, children grow, our bodies change with each passing year as do the people, places and things around us. Connecting to the vital force of our Svadhishthana chakra allows us to flow moment to moment, open and receptive to our emotions allowing us to meet each passing day with creativity, confidence and truth.

Yoga this Week

Monday Morning Meditation 9:45am

Passcode:  399316 Meeting ID:  895 2878 3480

Monday Morning Chair Yoga Zoom 11am

Passcode:   795223 and Meeting ID:  834 4427 9682

930am Tuesday Morning Zoom

Passcode:  499588 and Meeting ID:  854 3636 0577

Wednesday Evening Yoga 645 Zoom

Passcode:    499588 and Meeting ID:  835 2485 7761

Friday Morning Gentle Yoga ZOOM 930am

Passcode:    708245 and Meeting ID: 871 6725 8690

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