Yoga this Week February 21, 2021

Visoka va jyotismati

{Meditate on} The light within which is free from all suffering and sorrow.

—Yoga Sutra I.36

Greetings dearest yoga students,

In Chapter One of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras he describes the intention of yoga practice; to calm the mind, body and spirit so we can free ourselves from self-inflicted suffering in this lifetime and come into balance and stability.  Sutra 1:36  encourages us to connect to our own inner light.  This inner light is sometimes referred to as dwelling in the cave of the heart When we take time to meditate on the heart, that place where true love, compassion and forgiveness dwells,  we can get a glimpse of a life that is void of judgment, grief and sorrow.

There is an enduring, pure light that never goes out inside all of us, When we purposefully connect to that everlasting, enduring light within us, we unconsciously shine more light into the world.   So close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and imagine a bright light emanating from the center of your chest every time you breath in and expand.  Notice how you feel.  Take time to enter the cave of the heart whenever you need comfort or feel disengaged with life.  After all, it’s matters of the heart that we are here to share, to love and be loved, to shine and be shined upon, and to connect to that pure place of freedom within.

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Yoga this Week

Monday Morning Meditations 9:45am

Meeting ID: 870 0421 3481
Passcode: 338044

Monday Morning Chair Yoga Zoom 11am

Passcode:   795223 and Meeting ID:  834 4427 9682

930am Tuesday Morning Zoom

Passcode:  499588 and Meeting ID:  854 3636 0577

Wednesday Evening Yoga 645 Zoom

Passcode:    499588 and Meeting ID:  835 2485 7761

Friday Morning Gentle Yoga ZOOM 930am

Passcode:    708245 and Meeting ID: 871 6725 8690

One thought on “Yoga this Week February 21, 2021”

  1. Amy… I do needed to read this tonight. Angelic message of the “heart cave” Thank you 🙏🏽 ~Namaste Lorraine

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