Walk tomorrow at 230pm. Wednesday 4/27

Our walk tomorrow will be at the Frank Melville Memorial Park in East Setauket. Follow the directions to the Bates house it will take you to a parking lot where we can access the park from the rear.

The Bates House

1 Bates road in Setauket


It is a beautiful place and one of my most favorite places to walk. Dogs are welcome. It’s very flat shady and easy. Let me know if you plan on meeting me. Make sure you check your emails or the website before you go to make sure nothing happened. I get my second covid shot tomorrow at 1 I’m sure I’ll be fine but just in case if anything occurs I will post another email. If you don’t see anything head on down.

Any issues feel free to text me at 631-839-0644. Let’s get together and celebrate this gorgeous spring.



2 thoughts on “Walk tomorrow at 230pm. Wednesday 4/27”

  1. Hi Amy, hoping you and the family are well. I hope to get back to wed. hikes after our planting project is done. If you remember I have two garden designers installing native plants, shrubs and trees in my yard. We’re in the thick of it now…regrading the earth, enhancing the soil, and choosing where the plants go. They do most of the work, and I have lots of input in plant placement. You’re welcome to stop by to see the before and after. Right now the native woods looks like a lot of sticks! But the bees are already stopping by. This project is really important to me because my kids and grandkids will benefit from learning about native plantings and the ecology of the area. It’s my covid project. The universe has compelled me to do this.!

    I look forward to joining you again on hikes and outdoor class when this project is over.

    Namaste, Jane

    ________________________________ ‘s

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