Yoga this week – June 27, 2021

“I understood that the attachment to myself and my image … was actually taking me away from my Self, away from this wonderful opportunity to just sit, just breathe….When under the sway of this obsession, my mind’s attention was always in the fantasized future, or the idealized or devalued past – never present to the reality of the moment.” ― Stephen Cope

Our Ego is a complicated part of our psyche.  On one hand it’s the part of the right brain that allows us to take action, to make plans and to accomplish what we desire in our lifetime.  It drives us forward and prompts us to be productive and presentable; to suit up and show up. These are all good things to aspire to.   On the other hand, our ego can work subtly, powerfully and insidiously to take us out of the present moment with its insatiable appetite for validation.  Lost in the throes of egoism (Asmita), we believe our self-worth relies on temporal things;  what we do, accomplish, have,  what we look like, or any other misidentification with the true self that inevitably causes great, unnecessary suffering (dukha) because the ego is never satisfied. 

Yogic practices,(self control, self study, asana, pranayama and meditation), when done with patience over time, give us the courage to resist the ego’s call by yoking us to the present moment where our authentic, eternal self lives    In short, by committing to this path we keep our ego in check because all of these practices create inner tranquility and equanimity, we stay in the stream of goodness and out of self-seeking, ego driven rewards.

Yoga this Week

Please only register on Zoom if you plan on streaming from home at least 30 minutes prior to class start.  If attending in person, no need to register.

Monday Morning Meditation 9:45am

Passcode:  062007  Meeting ID:  865 8163 1780

Morning Meditations  (July 5th no meditation)

Monday Evening Philosophy Discussion 7pm

Philosophy Discussion on Zoom Only

11am Chair Yoga Monday Morning

Chair Yoga on Zoom only-Last Class-Resumes August 

9:00 am Tuesday Morning Class

On Zoom and in the yoga garden, weather permitting

Wednesday Evening Yoga on the Beach 7pm Click Here for Info

9:00 am Friday Morning Gentle Class

On Zoom and in the yoga garden, weather permitting

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