Yoga in zoom this morning

Due to the wet weather this morning’s class will be held on Zoom at 9am!

I am considering beginning in studio classes if students are fully vaccinated. I will still hold classes Outdoors but when weather doesn’t cooperate I would like to begin inviting students indoors with an option to stream rhe class on zoom.

Would love to hear your thoughts

See you on zoom



4 thoughts on “Yoga in zoom this morning”

  1. I will happily move indoors on rainy, hot or otherwise uncomfortable days. Sign me up! 🙏


  2. I am interested in in-studio class. I forgot what it’s like to practice with others in the same room 

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  3. Hi Amy,

    I am fully vaccinated and would feel comfortable attending a studio class again when the weather isn’t cooperating.

    Have a good rest of the weekend



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