Yoga this week-Monday &tuesday only-august 8, 2021

“When experiencing absolute true knowledge, all previous samskaras (patterns) are left behind and new ones are prevented from sprouting” Yoga Sutra I.50


Hari Om dear yoga students,

The Sanskrit word, samskara, translates as a subconscious impression.  Samskaras are deep seeded patterns that our mind continues to play over and over again.  It is the thoughts, impressions and memories that we have acquired over our lifetimes that create conditioned responses and eventually become our habits. When we feel stuck in our lives or continue to approach situations the same way over and over again, hoping for different results, it is often due to our samskaras.  However, we can and do create new samskaras all the time; some produce positive tendencies, like committing to meditate or practice yoga everyday or some create new negative coping mechanisms like stuffing our emotions with self sabotaging behavior. 

As we step on our mat, do our pranayama or sit on our meditation cushion, we face ourselves from the inside.  The stillness within the movement of thoughts, breaths or postures help to create space in between our impulses and actions.   This space allows us to look at our patterns more like the weather around us; we are in the weather but we are not the weather.    The weather changes but we remain the same.   We are not what our samskaras tell us, we can make the choice from a clear, calm perspective and thus respond to situations with a calm abiding. begin to release negative samskaras and replace them with loving, wise and creative patterns that enhance our life and everyone we interact with.

Samskara - Wordzz

Yoga this Week

Monday Morning Meditation 9:45am

9:00 am Tuesday Morning Class

Meditation on Zoom only/Tuesday Class on Zoom & in Yoga Garden

Regular schedule resumes next week!

Namaste, Amy

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