Yoga this Week-April 24, 2023

Dear yoga friends,

Happy Earth Day!

“In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins – not through strength, but through persistence” Buddha

Hoping this message finds you enjoying the amazing signs of spring that are popping up all around us. Think about the perseverance and patience that nature is gifted with.  The small bulbs that wait silently underground, the perennials that lay dormant waiting for the signals and signs that it is time to begin their work of opening, pushing, growing up out of the dark earth into the light.  Nature does not give up, it finds a way to regenerate

The Yoga Sutras tell us is it the obstacles that lead us into a deeper understanding of ourselves. Directly confronting our difficulties with clarity, compassion and persistence creates freedom.  Freedom in knowing you are never really trapped in any situation.  For today, see if you can change your perspective to any “rocks” that are in your stream.  Stay focused, do the next right thing, however small it may seem, and try and find the lesson, the jewel that is hidden within.  Today, be persistent in your journey towards balance, freedom, peace and serenity in your life

Yoga this Week

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Patiently but persistently meeting the little obstacles to creating the labrynth.

If anyone would like to volunteer to help spread the rocks on the labyrinth, we would love to have you…we are looking at possibly next weekend. 😀

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