Attn Labrynth Volunteers-Tomorrow is the day!

Things changed as things tend to do.

We are asking for anyone who wants to volunteer to help out. We will be creating the pathway TOMORROW Saturday may 13th.

If you’re available, we’ll be working on the labyrinth pretty much all day feel free to come by and help a little or a lot.

Text me if you have any questions



2 thoughts on “Attn Labrynth Volunteers-Tomorrow is the day!”

  1. Wish I could help but I’m not supposed to bend or lift much of anything for a while.

    I have to say that today’s class was precisely what I needed and I thank you so much for having it. I was able to do almost everything except the twisting and deep bending. It sank into my body and soul.


  2. I am not up to helping out yet, but I would love to stop by and see your work, if that’s ok.

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