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Yoga this Week – March 24, 2013

The winds of grace are blowing all the time. You have only to raise your sail.
Sri Ramakrishna
Ajna Chakra – Third Eye

Purpose: Generates Intuition & Inner Wisdom

Energy: Soul

Element: Light

Location:  In between the eyebrows

Color Association: Indigo

Embraces: Self-Awareness

Spiritual Lesson: Material Detachment/Open-mindedness

Statement:  I See


Anja Chakra located in between the eyebrows is often referred to as the Third Eye. When this chakra opens it is like a gateway allowing divine wisdom to enter our minds. Like the wind it is always there waiting, all you have to do is allow it to flow.

The symbol of OM in the center of the chakra represents the unleashed energy of the Kundulini Snake rising upward. The crescent moon of feminine receptivity embraces the circle above it. This circle is a golden dot which is the essence of spiritual energy. It represents being in your center. When we chant the mantra “OM” we are embracing all of this universal divine energy, OM brings the ego self into union with the spirit self.

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.

Henry David Thoreau

The Ajna chakra opens us up to our highest intelligence which is a distinct balance between our intellect (our thinking mind) and our intuition (our feeling mind).
When the the ego realizes that the fulfillment of its highest dreams is only to be found through merging with the Higher Self, the false masks the ego has created fall away and who you thought you were or who you thought you ought to be lose their grip.  What we see is made up of all we were told is good, bad, ugly or beautiful thoughout our life.  Our third eye opens us up to our own inner guidance which may or may not agree with all we have learned.  When the third eye opens,  you allow your true self, with all its individual thoughts and feelings, to shine forth. So Hum, ” I am what I am” There is no guilt, no need for illusion or pretense. You are totally in the present and you realize that the you you have been seeking or trying to change into something or someone else has been there,  in complete perfection,  all along.

Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.

Benjamin Spock

Classes for this Week
Monday & Thursday Evening at 730pm
Tuesday Morning at 930am with Meditation to follow
Friday Morning Healing Yoga 930am
(Please reserve your spot or cancel if your plans have changed)

There is a wisdom of the head, and… a wisdom of the heart.

Charles Dickens

The next  four-week Session of Therapeutic Yoga begins April 1st.  Four Wednesdays 11-1215pm.  There is currently one spot open.  Let me know if you would like to attend.  This class is a gentle approach to yoga.  It incorporates chairs, props, breath work, meditation, relaxation and reiki healing.  This class makes Yoga available to everyone, regardless of any phyical limitations. 
The next Yoga Jam is scheduled for April 20th 8am.  Yoga Jam is a fast paced intermediate vinyasa flow set to rockin’ music and creative sequences.  Sure to jump start your day.  All are welcome!  Please sign up as soon as possible.
Kirtan with ShaktiPath on April 27th at Jewel of the Lotus Yoga Studio in Islip.  Click on the link for more info
May you always allow grace to help you to see all the beauty in and around you!!
Amy Perri RYT500 Registered Yoga Teacher 500 Hr