Yoga this Week – May 6, 2012

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“We are far now from home and weary from our travels. The sun is setting and there is no destination in sight. Yoga is a lamp lit in the window of our home, dimly glimpsed across the spiritual wilderness in which we wander. At a time when we could not feel further from our home, yoga reminds us that we are already there, that we need simply awaken from our dream of separation, our dream of imperfection.”
                                                Rolf Gates-Meditations from the Mat

Greetings dearest yoga students,

Yoga brings us home.  In the quiet spaces in between the movement of breath, of postures, of thought, what remains is perfect peace.  We must let go of the illusion that we are not enough, that our lives need to look a certain way, that our bodies should not age, that we are separate from each other and simply dive in to the present moment where we are welcomed with pure acceptance. 

In dealing with a particularly challenging issue this past week, the outpouring and support from those around me was astonishing.  I went from feeling hopeless to complete gratitude as I experienced a profound realization that I am being carried by a grace that is beyond my comprehension.  The most important thing was that I stopped carrying all the weight and reached out.  I simply fell into the arms of those around me and magically solutions popped up, people came to my aide and my situation was solved. 

Know that you too are being carried by this same grace, there is a community of loving others that will be there to catch you when you fall and carry you if need be.  Practice your yoga as a way to see through this “spiritual wilderness” to the next face that may need you to carry them.  Our journey in this life is simply to to remember what we have always known:  We are one, we are already home and we possess all we need to be happy, joyous and free

Classes this Week
Monday and Thursday Evening at 730pm
Tuesday Morning at 930am with Meditation at 11am following class
Friday Morning Healing Yoga at 930am
(please reserve your spot or cancel if your plans have changed)
Some Happenings
The June 6th Restorative Yoga, Reiki and Acupunture Session is now full.  If you have signed up, please confirm your spot as soon as possible.   Let me know if you would like to be added to the wait list.
ShaktiPath Kirtan on May 18th at Satya Yoga and Pilaties in Mount Sinai!!  Click on the link below for more info.
Please consider joining us on June 6th at the Rocky Point Relay for Life.  Click on the link to either join our team or donate if you wish.
Hope to see you all in class this week.  I miss you!!!

Amy Perri
Registered Yoga Teacher 500 Hr

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