Yoga This Week – June 1, 2013 – No Friday Class this Week

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“All Spiritual Journeys have a destination of which the traveler is unaware. Most of us who start out on the yoga mat do not realize that, if we dedicate ourselves to practice, it is only a matter of time until the mat becomes an altar”

Stephen Cope

Greetings dear yoga students,

The practice of Bhakti Yoga is the yoga of devotion. Every pose we take, every breath we inhale, every intention and action is practiced as devotion to our divine source. The deeper we penetrate our physical world through our asana practice, we realize the divine lives in all things physical and that the physical lives in all things spiritual and we tap into the energy of yoga (connections). When we tap into the energy of yoga or connection of mind, body and spirit we can experience, what Bhakti yogis aim for; a “direct, intense, personal relationship with the divine or simply with life itself”.

Practicing yoga this morning in the middle of the woods with the birds, trees and sun, it did not take long for my yoga mat to become an alter. Seemingly magically, my physical practice transformed into an experience of being deeply connected to everything around me and inside of me, even the sound of children playing in the distance became part of the musical symphony that was playing inside and around me. I was completely immersed in Bhakti Yoga, devoting my practice to my divine source.  This was also the same way I felt Friday night chanting mantras behind a yoga class, immersed in a “personal relationship with life itself”.


There are countless ways to practice Bhakti yoga. Chanting spiritual mantras, praying with beads, gardening in the earth’s soil, relishing the light in a loved ones eyes, playing with a child or finding compassion in your heart when it is needed most are all postures we can take to express our devotion for life itself.   We can also come to our formal yoga practice with dedication and reverence for this ancient science which enables us to transform our own yoga mat into a sacred space where we come to be in the presence of the divine that is both inside, outside and in all things.

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Yoga this Week

Tuesday Morning at 930 with Meditation

Wednesday Evening at 730pm

There is No Friday Morning Class this Week as I will be on the Yoga and Hiking Retreat at Windham…Still some spots if anyone wants to jump in last minute…let me know

(Please reserve your spot or cancel if your plans have changed)

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Yoga and Hiking Retreat June 5-8 at Windham Mountain – Still some spots left…Who would like to take the adventure???

Yoga on the Beach Begins Sunday June 22 at 845am!!!  We were   approved by the North Shore Beach Association to use their parking lot and classes are planned for Wednesday evenings at 715pm and Sunday Mornings at 8:45am  –  Details to follow

Kayaking and Yoga Adventure June 29th in Setauket

 www.MyYogaWithAmy and click on Events






2 thoughts on “Yoga This Week – June 1, 2013 – No Friday Class this Week”

  1. Good morning Amy. I am always inspired by your lovely words and the enthusiasm you share for yoga is contagious. Thank you for opening your heart and sharing your inner most reverence with the community of yogi’s so that we may all see a little more clearly into our own spirit.

    You are an amazing woman and I miss you.

    Love, Eileen

  2. Hi Amy, I can’t come to class tomorrow. Can you please put me down for Friday the 13. Have a good weekend. Enjoy this beautiful weather. Carmella


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