New Year Detox – Saturday, January 3rd at 8:45am

New Year Detox – Saturday, January 3rd at 8:45am

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Come and clear body, mind and spirit with an all levels detox flow including a guided chakra meditation and yoga nidra.

We all tend to indulge in rich foods around the holidays but detoxing is more than just physical.  We also may experience emotional heaviness, grief, elation followed by sadness or just plain exhaustion with a sense of being out of balance!

Class will begin with asana infused with flowing,  twisting, forward bending, and kriyas (cleansing practices) for the body, followed by a chakra clearing meditation for emotional grounding and ending with deep yogic relaxation to enliven the spirit.


Please reserve your spot as soon as possible for this special Saturday morning class.  We need at least four students to sign up for class to run. 

**Special Note:  Please try not to eat anything heavy for at least 2 hours prior to class as we will be doing cleansing kriyas, pranayama and twisting.

Shanti, shanti, shanti!!!


2 thoughts on “New Year Detox – Saturday, January 3rd at 8:45am”

  1. Hi Amy, I would like to join the detox class on Saturday but I would consider myself a beginner. I took an 8 week course through my school last year but did not continue once the course ended. If I am welcome to join what would I need to bring with me? Thank you, Jeanine

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