Yoga this Week – June 14, 2015

Kirtan Tonight at Yoga Darshana Center at 630 with Amy, Annalee & Jim – Come chant with us aligning with the energies of Surya!


“Attention is the most basic form of love.”
~ John Tarrant Roshi

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Give attention to the things that are important to you as well as realizing when you are squandering your precious moments on trivialities.  If the most basic form of love is attention, give it to yourself, give it to those around you, give it to the thoughts that empower you and set you free!!

Yoga this Week

*Mondays Suspended for Summer**

Maryhaven Yoga Monday – Port Jefferson 5pm

Tuesday Morning at 930am with Meditation to follow

Wednesday Evening Yoga on the Beach (Inclement Weather class is in studio and requires reservation)

Friday Morning 930am Healing Yoga

Please reserve your spot or cancel if your plans have changed

**(Please note:  Monday Evening Classes are suspended for the summer, resuming in the Fall)



Kirtan Tonight at Yoga Darshana Center in Babylon –

Sunday Morning Beach Yoga beginning July 5th

June 28th Yoga & Kayaking – Click on events page for more info

June 31st Restorative Yoga, Reiki & Acupuncture with Essential Oils at Peconic River Yoga –



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