Yoga this Week – February 20, 2017


“Forget what others think of you, forget the future goal of achievement; arrive instead in this body/mind, attending to this present moment. This is the whole of practice.”. 
                                          Sandy Boucher

Classes this Week
Tuesday Morning 930am with meditation 
No Wednesday night class this week
Friday Morning Healing Yoga at 930am
(Please reserve your spot)
  March 18th at Kula yoga in Bellport Mantra Asana and rhythms Workshop
April 3rd restorative yoga Reiki and acupuncture with essential oils.
For more details on events and workshops go to the website
Hope to see you soon,


Amy Perri
Registered Yoga Teacher 500 Hr

3 thoughts on “Yoga this Week – February 20, 2017”

  1. Hi Amy, hope all’s well with you. I’m writing on behalf of Ellen Jacobs…she wants to know if you would text her to let her know when the Maryhaven class is being held. Would that be OK?



  2. Hi Amy! I will not be practicing yoga this Friday, May 5 as I have to take my daughter to an appointment.

    Namaste, Lisa Buchler

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