Yoga this Week – June 10, 2018



   “Detachment is simply letting go of all you hold fast to in your mind. It doesn’t actually mean losing anything, simply changing your relationship with the things in your life today. The greatest pleasure for every soul comes as a result of choosing detachment. Why? Because attachment is a form of slavery that takes place in our own minds. And the result of detachment? Real freedom”

warr iii let go
The art of detachment or, Vairagya in Sanskrit, is the practice of showing up, doing your best and letting go of the results; acknowledging the basic truth that everything in life has its perfect moment.  It is the realization that if we do not get what we want (even if it seems like the perfect job, perfect person, perfect place, perfect opportunity, etc.)  that there is probably a better time for that situation to materialize in our lives or more often than not, it may be something that is never supposed to happen at all.  When we truly are able to detach from the outcome we release the disappointment, anger or inadequacy we feel when things don’t turn out as we thought they should.  Thinking we will find our happiness in someone or something outside ourselves is only an attempt to gratify our senses and satisfy the ego which can never truly be satisfied.  Acting from a place of attachment and clinging is acting from fear.
The opposite of fear is faith.  So in contrast, the art of letting go actually allows you to access the peace of mind you seek.   We can learn to live and let live, look at closed doors as opportunities and trust our spiritual guides to lead us where we need to be.  When we make decisions from a truly detached place; from a place of calm abiding, wisdom and love, we set the inner spirit free to move us toward all that is good, true, right and lovely in our lives.
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Yoga this Week

Tuesday Morning 930am Yoga with Meditation following Class

Wednesday Evening BEACH YOGA 715pm Click Beach Yoga 2018

Friday Morning Healing Yoga at 930am

Saturday Morning BEACH YOGA 9am click Beach Yoga 2018

(Please reserve your spot in class or cancel if your plans have changed)
(That’s me on the end right!)

Beach Yoga is finally here!  Click Beach Yoga 2018 to make sure you are “in the know” and check back prior to heading down to beach to make sure there are no changes due to weather or any other unforeseen obstacles.

Stay tuned for Yoga & Kayaking trip as well as Paint Night and the ever popular Pool Yoga coming your way this summer!!

Surya Mangalum! Blessings on the Sun!

4 thoughts on “Yoga this Week – June 10, 2018”

  1. Hi Amy!

    I will not make class on Tuesday. Someone gave us tickets to the practice US open golf tournament out at Shinecock. See u Friday


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