Yoga this Week- June 23, 2019

Happy summer blessings to you all.


June 21st and the summer solstice also has been know as International yoga day. Yoga has far too many benefits to list here; among them being peace of mind, health of body, and a deep connection to the rhythm of life. However, one of my most cherished aspects of yoga, which means to connect and join together,  is the sense of community I feel with each and everyone of you.  Whether I know you personally, have met you once or maybe just had a glance in a special yoga related event, the sense of community fills my heart with love and joy and can hardly be described in words. A deep yoga bow to all of you as we continue our journey together

Yoga this Week

Monday Morning 1030am Chair Yoga Class

Maryhaven yoga 515pm

Tuesday Morning 930am Open Level Yoga & Meditation

Wednesday Evening Beach Yoga!  715PM

Thursday 1199 Retiree Yoga in Riverhead 11am

Thursday reiki 2 training 645pm

Friday Morning Gentle/Healing Yoga 930am



Equinox Goddess Yoga Retreat September 21 to 23 still has some spots open and the early bird pricing is still available!  Click HERE

Reiki Level II Attunement and Training class Thursday Evening 645pm June 27th is currently full.  Let me know if you have interest to be on a wait list for next session.

One thought on “Yoga this Week- June 23, 2019”

  1. Good morning Amy!

    Is there anyway you can forward me that passage you read in class Tuesday, the student talking to the teacher? Also I thought you would appreciate “that “muscle on my sides are very sore today LOL Enjoy the sunshine, Lisa Sent from my iPhone


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