Yoga this Week – July 1, 2019

Dear Yoga Students,

Happy July!  Be present for every moment, have gratitude for your life as it is now, celebrate your independence and may the Fourth be with You!

Yoga this Week

Monday Morning 1030am Chair Yoga Class

Tuesday Morning 930am Open Level Yoga & Meditation

Wednesday Evening Beach Yoga!  715PM

Friday Morning Gentle/Healing Yoga 930am


Equinox Goddess Yoga Retreat September 21 to 23 still has some spots open and the early bird pricing is still available!  Click HERE

3 thoughts on “Yoga this Week – July 1, 2019”

  1. Hi Amy,

    I need to see my doctor tomorrow so I have to cancel coming to the Tuesday morning yoga class. Sorry. Also, I have prior plans for next Tuesday, but I will be coming to Yoga on Tuesday, July 16th. See you then.

    Hari Om!

    Carolyn Kagan


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