Crystal Bowl Sound Healing – Nov 15th 7pm

**Only a few spots open**

Crystal Bowl Meditation with Annette!

Friday November 15th at 7pm

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Pre-Registration required $25 prepaid/$30 that evening if space allows

Sound healing is a form of meditation that is performed in a group where you lay on the mat, supported by props and let the sound transport you to another place.

Sound healing has many benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety, improve circulation, deepens relaxation, increase mental & emotional clarity. Vibrational sound healing can be traced back from present day trends to many ancient civilizations including India, Africa, Europe, and the Orient. The idea is to restore balance to the chakra system and clearing the blocked energy within ourselves. Sound healing is similar to reiki healing; It is a form of energy healing that allows your body to self-regulate and self heal.

Let the sounds vibrate through you to feel the power of self preservation and healing.

Please bring your own yoga mat if you choose, a blanket (optional) and arrive 15 minutes early. Complimentary tea will be served.

$25 per person in advance/$30 that evening if space allows. Limited to 10 participants. Contact Amy to sign up.

Crystal Singing Bowls Played by Annette: Certified in 2015 in Sound Healing at Sage Center for the Healing Arts, Woodstock NY. Anette started her sound healing journey in 2012, after not feeling well for 9 years prior. Annette healed herself through sound when doctors were unable to help her. Her body went back into balance and it became her passion. Since she wanted to help others, she trained and became certified in Sound Healing/Therapy in 2015.

Please contact Amy for location address 6318390644 or

** Not recommended for pregnant women, anyone with pacemakers or people that have seizures.**

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