Yoga this Week – March 15, 2020

**Please read all the way down for important info regarding classes**

Chair Class Cancelled till further notice as well as the Synergy Session that was scheduled for March 24th.  There will be a Chair Class video up on the website in a day or so.  I will let you know.
The Goddess Getaway Retreat has one or two spots left at this time.  Contact me if interested.

Hari Om Dear Yoga Students,

I sincerely hope you are finding your center in these uncertain times.  I, myself am focusing on the beautiful, perennial promise of Spring.  Things that looked dead only a week or two ago are finding there way up through the earth.  Shades of green are beginning to shine all around us.  Spring, you see, will not be kept down.  The seasons will turn, things that seem solid will shift and change shape and become something new.  We will move past whatever this is we are stuck in.

The best we can do in uncertain times is come back to a pure intention; to be kind, to recognize we are all in this together and to create the energy of love.  Help where you can, hold a space of peace and compassion so anyone you come in contact with;  on the phone, face to face, through the internet, can sense the calm abiding in your voice, words or body language.   Focus on doing what you can from where you are by keeping you and others as safe as possible but try your best to not put too much energy into what you can’t control.  We will get through this, together!

With all that said. I’ve been wrestling with how to serve my yoga sangha in the best way possible.  I have decided to cancel the chair yoga classes until further notice.  Read down for important guidelines for other classes.

I will  be limited the Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday classes to 6 students maximum to allow for ample space between mats.  Also please   bring your own mats, blankets and props if you have them.     If it becomes necessary to cancel all classes, maybe we can arrange to meet for a walk in nature or practice outdoors if weather permits.  Any suggestions, are welcome!!

I have been wiping down the blocks and sanitizing the room, as well as door knobs, handles, pens, desk and all other commonly touched areas.  I am leaving hand sanitizer on the front porch, PLEASE USE IT BEFORE ENTERING THE HOUSE.  It goes without saying but (I’ll say it anyway), if you feel under the weather for any reason at all, please do not attend class.

I would love your feedback.  If for any reason, you do not feel comfortable attending, I completely understand. We all must do what we feel is best.  Please let me know how you feel and if you plan on attending class, classes are limited to first six to sign up.  If your name if on the sign in sheet, please confirm your attendance.

Thank you all so much.  Be well!



6 thoughts on “Yoga this Week – March 15, 2020”

  1. Hi Amy.
    Since I am already compromised I will b skipping class until the madness is over.
    Love what u posted. Calm, peace and love.

  2. Hope this is not a duplicate.

    Hi Amy
    I’m going to play it safe and stay home for the next 2 weeks. My immune system is already compromised.
    Walks would b great tho.
    Love your calming post in this trying time.
    Peace and Love. Lori

  3. Just wanted to confirm …You know I’m going to goddess retreat in cT . I have to pay you

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  4. Hi Amy,

    You made good decisions! I love having a video to follow – chair yoga will be fun! And limiting the classes to 6 is also smart. I will not be coming to class tomorrow so my spot is free for someone else. And then I will be staying home until early April. But I will be watching the yoga video and your website.

    Stay healthy and happy.

    Hari Om,



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