Yoga this Week – April 11, 2020

**Please note:  Wednesday Morning switched back to Tuesday Morning and Thursday Evening is back to Wednesday Evening going forward-Find the Links Below to Register.  Alternatively you can always find the links on my website by clicking Zoom On-Line Classes Page**


Hope you are able to find a balanced rhythm to your days adapting to this new way of living.  Thank you to all for attending the on-line classes.  It gives me purpose, a reason to get out of my pj’s (sometimes), and fills my heart and mind with happiness.  I’m using some of this time to dive deeper into my meditation practice and spiritual studies.  It’s really helping to support my inner life and keep me grounded.  I sincerely hope you are all doing well.  Before we know it, we will be back to rushing here and there so see if you can allow yourself to do some projects around your home but equally take time to contemplate by slowing down and doing nothing.

Happy Easter and Blessed Passover to you all.  New Growth, Beauty and Freedom abound in all of Nature.  Choose to see what is beautiful in your world.

Zoom Class Links – Pre-Registration Required

Monday Morning Chair Yoga

Tuesday Morning Slow Flow

Wednesday Evening All Levels Yoga

Friday Morning Healing Yoga

Pre-Pay for classes using VENMO or contact me….If you have any Financial Hardship at this time,  please be my Guest to attend at no charge!

pour forth sacredness into everything you do

May our practice on this path stay steady and continuous

May our efforts benefit all beings, especially those closest to us

May all beings be happy, healthy, safe and free.



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