Yoga tonight at 645pm, Book Club, Breach Hike & Pics from Sunday…..

Hari Om Dear Yoga Students,


Just a reminder that tonight’s class begins at 645pm.  Dress in layers, bring something to lay your mat on (some found using a shower curtain or sheet works well) and a blanket for relaxation.

A few of us have been interested in starting a book club.  The meetings will be held on zoom until further notice.  This is a fun, informal club (not necessarily yoga related) and will be hosted by various members.  Here is the invite if interested.  We will be picking a book shortly.  If you have questions, let me know!  So excited about finally doing this.

Join Amy’s Book Club


On October 15th, Thursday at 1030am there will be a group hike to the Breach at Smith Point.  We will meet at the west end of the parking lot.  The hike takes approximately 45 minutes each way, sneakers are recommended.  Bring a snack/water/dress in layers and let me know if you plan to join us.

Loving all our Yoga Adventures!  We need community and each other right now more than ever!!  Sending Peace! Amy



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