Yoga this Week – November 7, 2021

The Goddess Saraswati is worshipped for her creativity, wisdom, purity and gentleness.   She is said to bestow eloquence, intelligence and artistic inspiration to all who meditate on her transcendental qualities.   Her calming peaceful presence reminds us of the great power of Shakti (the feminine energy that is said to be the catalyst of change and creation with love as the driving force) and the ultimate divine mother.  We can meditate upon her to reconnect to the essence of our own true, divine nature where all of these beautiful qualities have always, and will always exist.

“May the great river of Saraswati overflow and grant us her grace”

Yoga this Week

Classes are being held in person with limited spots and via the below Zoom links. Contact me if you would like to come in person!

 1045am Monday Morning Chair Yoga

9:30 am Tuesday Morning Class

 645pm Wednesday Night Yoga

9:30am Friday Morning Gentle 

Details coming soon for Spring Equinox 2022 Day Retreat at Camp de Wolfe in Wading River!

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