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Restorative Yoga, Reiki, Essential Oils with Chakra Balancing

Wednesday, April 26th at 10 to 11:45am

Come indulge yourself in this special relaxation-rejuvenation practice.

Restorative Yoga postures gently open the body with little to no effort. Reiki Healing promotes overall well-being and balance while essential oil therapy creates a global shift in the mind, releasing stress and uplifting the emotions. This special class does NOT include acupuncture but will focus more on the healing qualities of restorative yoga with an emphasis on the Chakra System..

chakra hand

$35 per person prepaid, $40 Walk in if space allows.

Due to the nature of this class spots are limited to 8 participants


For those of you in class this morning:  Saraswati and Mudra

Om Shreem Saraswati Om Namaha

Yoga this Week – October 13, 2013


The Goddess Sarasvati

Sara:  The one who gives the essence & Sva: of  our true Self

The Goddess Sarasvati is worshipped for her creativity, wisdom, purity and gentleness.   She is said to bestow eloquence, intelligence and artistic inspiration to all who meditate on her transcendental qualities.   Her calming peaceful presence reminds us of the great power of Shakti (the feminine energy that is said to be the catalyst of change and creation with love as the driving force) and the ultimate divine mother.  As this last day of Navrarti (the nine day festival celebrating the divine mother in all her forms) comes to a close, we honor Goddess Sarasvati  and call upon her to connect us to the essence of our own true, divine nature where all of these beautiful qualities have always, and will always exist.

“May the great river of Sarasvati overflow and grant us her grace”

Yoga This Week

Monday & Thursday Evening at 730pm

Tuesday Morning at 930am with Meditation to Follow Class

Friday Morning Healing Yoga at 930am

(Please reserve your spot or cancel if your plans have changed)


October 22nd – Restorative Yoga and Acupuncture with Reiki and Essential Oils – Payment is due to hold your spot – Click on the link for more information for the special event that is almost sold out.

October 30th – Co-Creating your Life – A Vision Board Workshop – Click on the link for information on this fun and enlightening evening

November 8th – ShaktiPath Thanks-Giving Kirtan at Peconic River Yoga –

November 9th – Live Music and Asana with ShaktiPath at Yogaholic (this is the rescheduled date from October) –  If you plan on attending, please contact the studio  and sign up in advance if possible,  Walk-Ins are welcomed as well.

Peace, love and healing,