Restorative Yoga, Reiki, Essential Oils with Chakra Balancing

Wednesday, April 26th at 10 to 11:45am

Come indulge yourself in this special relaxation-rejuvenation practice.

Restorative Yoga postures gently open the body with little to no effort. Reiki Healing promotes overall well-being and balance while essential oil therapy creates a global shift in the mind, releasing stress and uplifting the emotions. This special class does NOT include acupuncture but will focus more on the healing qualities of restorative yoga with an emphasis on the Chakra System..

chakra hand

$35 per person prepaid, $40 Walk in if space allows.

Due to the nature of this class spots are limited to 8 participants


For those of you in class this morning:  Saraswati and Mudra

Om Shreem Saraswati Om Namaha

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