Yoga this Week – April 9, 2017

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Greetings Dearest Yoga Students,

A full moon is on the rise for tomorrow night and the energy is already brewing.  Just like a snake, the moon sheds the past month day by day as gracefully as the sky holds it in its embrace.  We to must learn to let go, to shed the past over and over again until it becomes natural to feel its impressions slip through our fingers.  We can carry a lifetime of regrets or passively fear the inevitable changes that are coming or we can let go like a snake lets go of his dead skin; without mourning only excitement for what is to come. .    Take time to meditate on the Full Moon this week.  Allow its fullness to remind you that cycles come around, things pass and things come.  Let its bring light remind you to shed the light of awareness on this moment.  The present moment where past and future stand still and all possibilities await you.

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Yoga this week

Monday Maryhaven Yoga 515pm

Tuesday Morning Flow 930am with Meditation following class

Thursday Evening Flow 730pm

Friday Morning 930am Gentle/Healing Yoga

(Please RSVP or cancel if your plans have changed)

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Wednesday, April 23rd 10-1145am Restorative Yoga,Reiki&Essential Oils

Restorative Yoga postures gently open the body with little to no effort. Reiki Healing promotes overall well-being and balance while essential oil therapy creates a global shift in the mind, releasing stress and uplifting the emotions. This special class does NOT include acupuncture but will focus more on the healing qualities of restorative yoga with an emphasis on the Chakra System.. $35 Prepaid – $40 Walk In Limited to 8 students


 Monday, May 8th at 730-930pm: Restorative Yoga, Acupuncture & Reiki with Essential Oils

Spring will be here! And Spring  is a great time to release, restore and renew your intention to live   your life with vitality, purpose and freedom!! Give this gift of healing and restoration to yourself or a loved one.
$60 Prepaid $70 Walk In if space allows – This sessions always fill up – Don’t Delay! Click on for more info.


Only 4 spots remain open!!!
SEPTEMBER 15- 17, 2017
  Join Laurie and Amy for a reflective weekend of yoga, adventure and community on the beautiful shores of Shelter Island.   . All Meals, activities and dorm style lodging included. Early Bird Price is $275 if paid in full by May 15th. Thereafter, if space allows price is $300.  Click on the link for more info

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  1. Amy — hard to believe, but I’ve got some days off the week of April 16th. Tell me what I have to do. Barbara >

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