Yoga this Week – November 3, 2012

“We need to awaken to a common consciousness of all being inhabitants
of Earth. This consciousness is not to be found in some distant place. It will not be found on a computer screen. It lies in our hearts, in our ability to share the pain of our fellow human beings. It is the spirit that says:
“As long as you are suffering, whoever you are and whatever your suffering may be, I suffer also.”
Daisaku Ikeda
Hoping this email finds you all safe and sound. As I had mentioned to those of you who were in class this week, my home is open to anyone in need of a hot shower, electronic charging, laundry or just a some tea, coffee or company. It is so important that we know we can rely on each other for support for whatever we may need. The Shoreham Fire Department is collecting canned goods, clothing and toiletrees for hurricane relief to be distributed to those in need. You can also stop in there to pick up items if needed.
Keep praying for those whose Sandy’s devastation will linger; which for many will be much longer than a week, a month or even year. We are all so vulnerable to the fate that others have suffered. May you sincerely count your blessings and be aware of the abundance you have in your life.
Classes for this Week
Monday Evening at 730pm
Chanting beginning at 715 so feel free to come early
Tuesday Morning at 930am with Meditation to follow class
Chanting beginning at 915am so feel free to come early
Friday Morning Healing Yoga at 930am with Kishori
(There will be no Thursday evening class this week)
(please reserve your spot or cancel if your plans have changed)
Restorative Yoga Friday November 16th 930-1130am
Yoga Jam Saturday November 17th 8-930am
Restorative Yoga and Acupunture Wednesday December 5th, 7-9pm
Contact me or check my website for details on the above workshops
Lokha Samasta Sukino Bhavantu
May all beings everywhere be happy, peaceful, safe and free and May our actions, thoughts and words in this moment contribute to the well being of All.
Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, Om!!
Amy Perri RYT500 Registered Yoga Teacher 500 Hr

Amy Perri
RYT500 Registered Yoga Teacher 500 Hr 631-839-0644

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