Yoga this Week – October 10, 2016

The important thing is to be awake now, to feel the transparency, to feel the universal shining through the individual, and then to allow life to express itself though us.

                 Rolf Gates

Set aside some time to  sit silently and connect to your breath.  Close your eyes and begin listening to sounds around you.  Allow the air of your breath to pass through you with clarity.   Let go of your need to control your outer circumstances, feel the fluidity and transparency of life.  We are not solid; we are light, joy, love and bliss anytime we make the decision to connect to that universal energy and allow “life to express itself through us”.

Yoga this Week

Monday Maryhaven Yoga in Port Jeff Location 515pm

Tuesday Morning Yoga with Meditation 930am in Yoga Room

Wednesday Evening Yoga 715pm in Yoga Room

Friday Morning Healing Yoga 930am in Yoga Room

Friday Afternoon Yoga 4:45pm at Mindful Turtle in Setauket

(Please reserve your spot for Yoga Room Classes or cancel if your plans have changed)



Click on Events Tab for Details

October 22nd Yoga Hike in Port Jefferson on the Greenway Trail 11-1pm

October 27th – Rest Yoga & Acupuncture with Reiki and Ess Oils 7-9pm – Only One Spot Open at this Time!

November 12th  Music, Mantra & Asana – Tuning in to Vibration & Intention 1-4pm

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