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Yoga this Week – November 9, 2015

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“In this lovely season when the dance of surrender is obvious, we find large spaces left where something beautiful once lived. As one by one the leaves let go, a precious emptiness appears in the trees.  The naked beauty of the branches can be seen; the birds’ abandoned nests become visible.  The new spaces of emptiness reveal mountain ridges.  At night if you stand beneath a tree and gaze upward, stars now peer through the branches.  This is an important autumn lesson—when certain things fall away, there are other things that can be seen more clearly.  The same truth can be celebrated in our personal lives”

                                        Excerpt from “The Circle of Life” by Joyce Rupp & Macrina Wiederkehr



With the grace of a tree letting go of her leaves with all her majesty and beauty, we learn to let go, making peace with the transitions in our lives. We face the stark reality that nothing lasts forever.  Things ebb and flow, autumn teaches us to honor what is dying, changing and urges us to embrace the fact that everything is always moving and flowing into something new, even if we are standing still.  Chanting one of my favorite mantras yesterday with a group of open, like-minded people, (sa ta na ma – wha hey guru) reminded me to breathe and embrace these inevitable changes.   The circle of life, death, rebirth and infinity tells us that all endings eventually become beginnings and that the walk through the hallway from a door that has closed behind us maybe dark, maybe challenging, but always leads to yet another opening, another awakening or a new perspective.  Go outside and enjoy the spaces in the trees where now the light comes in.  Feel the sun on your face as you chant:  SA TA NA MA – WHA HEY GURU and allow your life to flow.


Yoga this Week

Tuesday Morning 930am with Meditation to follow


Thursday Evening 7pm Yoga Mixed Level Vinyasa


Friday Morning 930am Healing Yoga





Friday Night Kirtan at Yoga by the Bay in East Moriches celebrating the studio’s Four Year Anniversary 7pm!!


 Monday, December 21st Winter Solstice Celebration – Kirtan – Intention Setting – Sangha – Refreshments 7pm


Gentle Therapeutic/Meditation Class forming in January – Gentle Asana, Philosophy, Meditation, Breath work

Contact me for details


I am now a Reiki Master!  Very excited to share this gift with you.  Contact me for a Reiki Healing Session or if you re interested in becoming a Reiki Practitioner.  Reiki is a gift you can use on yourself, your family, your pets or anyone you come across that could use some healing energy.  I will be holding a Reiki workshop very soon to inform you of its history and applications in our everyday lives.

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Om Shanti!!!  May there be Peace for you and all beings everywhere!





Yoga this Week – October 19, 2015 – No Friday Class this Week

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Never give up. No matter what is going on. Never give up.

Be compassionate. Not just with your friends but with everyone. Be compassionate.

And I say again, Never give up. No matter what is going on around you. Never give up. Never give up.

-The Dalai Lama


Sometimes we feel as if we can’t go on. The mountain is too big, the task too daunting, the yoga pose too difficult, the situation too unmanageable.   It is always helpful to remember that even the most incredible tasks begin  by taking the next or first step, however small or insignificant that step may seem, it is a step forward non the less. Even if it means stepping back, collecting your thoughts, formulating a plan or just taking repose.  Keeping our minds on the action we need to take and letting the result rest in the hands of the universe, allows us to be in the present moment, even in difficult times.   You are enough, you have everything you need to move forward.  All you have to do is believe in yourself, let go of excuses and just begin.




Regular practice of yoga can help you face the turmoil of life with steadiness and stability”


Yoga this Week


Monday Maryhaven Yoga 5pm

Tuesday morning 930am with Meditation to follow in Yoga Room

Tuesday Yoga for Kids at FJC 4pm

Thursday evening 7pm All Levels Vinyasa in Yoga Room

**No Friday Morning this Week**

Yoga at Caruso’s Restaurant 9:45am Sunday Morning

(Please reply to reserve your spot for Yoga Room Classes)

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Yoga at Caruso’s is gaining momentum, our donations are increasing every week, thank you!!!  Our indoor class was awesome  with the sun pouring in and Dave on his guitar, we were breaking down walls and creating space!!  Join us this week as Laurel Torres leads us in her sweet flow!


October 28th Restorative Yoga, Reiki & Acupuncture with Essential Oils – 7 to 9pm.  Here are what some participants are saying:

” I describe it less like a class and more like a healing”

“Amazing restorative yoga last night with you and Ben, thank you. I felt a the love you both put into your work and the rest and healing was amazing.”

Contact me to register for this special session!


Kirtan and Food Fundraiser Sunday, November 8th at 3 to 5 pm at Gentle Strength Yoga in Mount Sinai!


Stay Tuned for the date to save for our annual Winter Solstice Gathering!

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Yoga this Week – December 15, 2014

**No Class Tonight, Monday 12/15/14**

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People are like stained glass windows, the true beauty can be seen only when there is light from within. The darker the night, the brighter the windows. 
Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

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Yoga this Week

Tuesday Morning at 930am with Guided Meditation to follow class

Wednesday Evening All Levels Vinyasa Yoga at 7:15pm

Friday Morning Healing Yoga at 930am

(Please reserve your spot or cancel if your plans have changed – Evening classes require at least 4 students to sign up prior to 5pm)

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Friday, December 19th at 7pm is our 7th Annual Winter Solstice Celebration!  A special gathering of hearts and minds.  The room is filling up so please let me know if you plan on attending.

Click on the link for details

This event is free of charge although I do ask you bring a donation for our local food pantry at The Invited Inn in Rocky Point.  The food banks in our area are particularly low on supplies at this time.  You can donate   non-perishable food items, toiletry or paper goods or a monetary donation.  The important thing is that we, as a Kula, (community of the heart) give of what we have to help those that may be in need.

Start your 2015 off right with the Four Pillars of Restoration:

Restorative Yoga, Reiki & Acupuncture with Essential Oils is set for Wednesday, January 7th at 7pm

Please get your deposits in if you plan on reserving a spot.  Don’t delay, these sessions fill up fast!  Would make a most loving gift for someone at this time or any time!

Reminder that Yoga Class Gift Certificates are available for any quantity of group or private classes for any age or level!

Please be aware that teenagers are always welcome in my classes, contact me to reserve a spot.

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Peace, Love, & Yoga


Yoga this Week – December 8, 2014



Teach me what I cannot learn alone.

Let us share what we know, and what

we cannot fathom.  Speak to me of 

mysteries , and let us never lie to one another


May our fierce and tender longing

fuel the fire in our souls.  When we

stand side by side, let us dare to focus

our desire on the truth.  May we be

reminders, each for the other, that 

the path of transformation passes

through the flames.


To take one step is courageous;

to stay on the path day after day,

choosing the unknown, and facing

yet another fear, that is nothing

short of grace. 

                        Danna Faulds

Relay for Life 2011

Yoga this Week

*Meditative Monday 7:15pm

Maryhaven Special Ability Yoga at 5pm at Port Jefferson Center

Tuesday Mixed Level Yoga at 930a with Meditation to follow class

*Wednesday Evening Vinyasa 7:15pm

Friday Morning Healing Yoga 930am

(Please reserve your spot or cancel if your plans have changed)

*Please note evening classes require a minimum of four to sign up prior to 5pm*

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Winter Solstice Celebration – Friday December 19th 7pm

Restorative Yoga and Acupuncture – Wednesday, January 7th at 7pm

Stay tuned for info on our 2015 Fall Equinox Retreat

For more information, visit the Event page on my website

Peace and Love


Winter Solstice Celebration – Friday, December 19th at 7pm


**Note there is a change in date from Thursday to Friday**

Winter Solstice Celebration Friday, December 19th at 7pm

Join us for a gathering of our Kula, which means “community of the heart” to honor this sacred time of year.  The evening will include chanting, intention setting, playful yoga poses and candle ceremony.   Refreshments will be served.  All are welcome, new and returning students alike!! 


Our Annual Winter Solstice Celebration is Friday, December 19th at 7pm (sorry about the date change).    Please let me know if you are coming if you haven’t already!  This is one of my most favorite holiday parties of the season!!  Take this time to step out of the comings and goings and become aware how darkness turns to light and endings become beginnings.


Remember the Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year and the shortest day but what that really means is that we are celebrating the return of the sun!!


Reminder about what to bring

(What Not to Bring:  Your Mat)

*Bring an image, word, drawing to put on our Community Yoga Vision Board.  Something you wish to see more of in our world for 2015

*Bring a donation for our food pantry (non-perishable food or toiletries item)

*Bring a percussion instrument if you have it for the chanting section

*Dress Festively (Think Winter Solstice:  Blues, purples, dark burgundies, sparkles, shimmers, you get the point.  Festive does not necessarily mean dressed up)

Winter Solstice Fairy

Please rsvp to let me know you will be here.

See you Soon!


Yoga this Week – November 30, 2014

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Greetings Dear Yoga Students,
We all know that change is inevitable, but yet we still long to cling to the known, the familiar, the comfortable.  George Harrison once said, “If we aren’t changing, we aren’t growing”.  Everything that grows must change.  It is just as important to our well being to accept and embrace change as it is to breathe.  Enjoy the moments of your day, embrace all that is in your life with enthusiasm knowing that you will never pass through this day again.  Be open to the shifting landscapes, the rise and fall of emotions, the ebb and flow of energy.  When the waves of change seem to be harsh and the seas are rough around you, remember that you are part of an amazing, vast ocean of movement through which you are inevitably being molded, changed and led in the direction of your divine destiny.
 om fire
Classes this Week
Meditative Monday at 715pm
Tuesday Morning 930am with meditation to follow class
Wednesday Evening Vinyasa Flow at 7:15pm
Friday Morning Healing Yoga 930am
(Please reserve your spot or cancel if your plans have changed – Evening classes require a minimum of four students prior to 5pm to run)
Long Island Yoga Association December workshop, Holiday Luncheon and Kirtan on December 6th
A great way to kick off December by going in with Yoga Nidra by Mokshapriya and connecting outward by chanting with me!

Annual Winter Solstice Celebration on Thursday, December 18th at 7pm

All are welcome for Playful Yoga, Chanting, Intention Setting,  and Sangha – All Welcome – Please RSVP

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training – A 20 hour module facilitated by me at Yoga Darshana Center in Babylon – Open to all Yoga Teachers

December 13th, 17th and 21st – Contact me for details.  Would love to have you join me!

January 7th Restorative Yoga, Acupuncture & Reiki with Essential Oils – Reserve your spot…

Click on Event Page for more details…

Stay tuned for return of monthly  Yoga Jams & Reiki Circles, information on our Fall Equinox Retreat and Teen Classes as well as a beginners series coming in the New Year….

Possibilities abound as long as you believe, let go of fear and dive in

 (A Whisper To my doll)

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Yoga this Week – November 15, 2014

 May all hearts be at ease. May our contentment promote the energies to alleviate suffering and turn ignorance into knowledge. May the cultivation of santosha guide us to courageous action, deeper community and greater love of all sentient beings.

                                          Swami Shraddhananda

namaste flow

Greetings Dearest Yoga Students,

Santosha is one of the Niyamas outlined in the eight limbs of yoga.  Niyamas are ethical practices that cultivate inner peace and awareness about ourselves.  Santosha means contentment.  To be content with whatever is.  Having the good fortune of participating in a workshop with Todd Norian this past week enlightened me to a new way of thinking about Santosha.  He spoke about life being a series of problems that need our constant attention, creativity, compassion and openness.  We all know that once one issue, obstacle or problem is solved, right behind it rolls in another one, like waves on the ocean; the issues may seem bigger, smaller or take a different shape, but never the less, they keep coming.  What Todd so eloquently eluded to is that all we really need to change is our perspective; to change our obstacles into stepping stones on which we grow.  To be content in the action of solving, resolving or figuring out solutions while letting go of the result.  Contentment is now, not when things get better, not when we have all we think we need, it is now, in this moment.  It allows us to love all of life, opening our hearts and clearing it out of judgment as to what we consider “good” or “bad”.  Contentment allows our hearts to be at ease and turns our ignorance into knowledge.

paisly yoga

Yoga this Week

Meditative Monday at 7:15pm

Tuesday Morning Yoga at 9:30am with Meditation to follow

Wednesday Evening Yoga at 7:15pm

Friday Morning Healing Yoga at 930am

(Please reserve your spot or cancel if your plans have changed)

**Evening Classes require at least four to sign up prior to 5pm to run)

 Beach yoga2


Saturday, November 22nd at 9am, Musical Chanting and Yoga at Yoga for Life
December 6th, Long Island Yoga Association Holiday Luncheon – Kirtan with Amy & Friends
Save the Date for our annual Winter Solstice Party – Thursday, December 18th 7pm
Next Restorative Yoga, Reiki & Acupuncture with Essential Oils scheduled for Jan 7 2015
Equinox Yoga Retreat – September 18, 19 and 20 of 2015 – Plans are underway!!  So excited..details coming soon!!
Click on Events page for details on happenings or contact me directly!